2 Flats in Newtown, Wales

Client: 2 Flats in Newtown, Wales

The Brief

Risk Category: Cat 1, 1 head, 10 minutes
Number of heads: 8
System Type: Mains fed

This project was 2 new build flats in a 2-storey building on a residential street.

We designed from drawings only on this project, because of room sizes and configuration it was deemed a 1 head risk category 1 system. The town mains was selected as the best delivery system. Each flat had a control valve under the stairs at ground floor linked to the individual smoke detection and 4 heads per flat.

Our installation of the valves, pipe and heads lasted 2 days, heads were set to a height using the ceiling joists and planned plasterboard thickness. Each system was pressure tested hydraulically for 1 hour at 8 bar pressure. Some pressure was left in the system between visits as a precaution.

We were instructed to return to site for second fix and commission 10 weeks after we started the install. The pressure had been removed from the systems so we re-tested with a small amount of air pressure to ensure the integrity of the systems. We then proceeded to fill the systems from the mains and vent out any air that may be trapped. We tested the water supplies as per our hydraulic calculations. The systems were fed from a single mains pipe the was divided before the 2 system valves. We installed the cover-plates, signage and secured the valves open and the site manager signed off the commissioning sheets.

We issued the certificates after final payment.

Sprinklers Direct Limited,

Units 2 & 3 Millbank House,
Riverside Business Park,

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