8 Flats in Croydon, Surrey

Client: 8 Flats in Croydon, Surrey

The Brief

Risk Category: Cat 1, 2 head, 10 minutes
Number of heads: 44
System Type: Boosted Mains fed

This project was for an extension on an existing building to include 8 more flats. The existing building had sprinkler to all flats fed from the boosted mains water supply.

We surveyed the property prior to quotation to check the existing system supplies and location. The existing pipework was capped at the end of a corridor with a valve which would extent into the newly built area.

Our design included for a zone valve per flat which was linked to the individual smoke detection for that flat by the electricians, full coverage of each flat and hydraulic calculations required for each flat (from the zone valve) and from the new connection into the existing system to the furthest 2 heads or maximum demand.

Once the design was approved we attended site to check the flow rate and pressure of the existing system at the point of connection to establish if it would be sufficient to meet our calculated requirement.

We commenced first fix which lasted 6 man days including installing the heads to the metal framework installed to support the ceiling and the zone valves in each flat. We completed 2 pressure tests, 1 with a small amount of air and then a full hydraulic pressure test to 10 bar. This was witnessed by the site manager who then instructed his team to start installing the plasterboards for the ceilings. A small amount of pressure was left in the system as a precaution.

We were instructed to return for second fix 4 weeks after completion of first fix. All the decoration in the flats had been completed and the flow switches had been linked to the smoke alarms in each flat. We arranged a suitable time to isolate and drain the existing system. We cut into the existing system and connected the new system. During the drying time all residents were informed to evacuate if the fire alarm sounded as the sprinkler system was inactive. Within 2 hours the system was turn on and vented. Commission commenced on the 8 new flats, testing all zone valves as per the calculations. We installed the cover-plates, signage and secured the valves open and the site manager signed off the commissioning sheets.

We issued an operations and maintenance manual to the building management company and after final payment of account we issued compliance certificates.

Sprinklers Direct Limited,

Units 2 & 3 Millbank House,
Riverside Business Park,

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