Cat 2 Fire Sprinkler Installation. Berol Yard, Tottenham, Hale.

Client: Formation Design & Build Ltd.

The Brief

Cat 2 Fire Sprinkler Installation. Berol Yard, Tottenham, Hale.

Risk Category: Cat 2 – Flats, CAT 3 extended protection into ancillary spaces
Number of heads: 954
System Type: Shared Boosted Riser

This full refurbishment consisted of demolishing an existing building and erection of two linked buildings of 8-14 stories to provide 166 flats in the London Borough of Haringey. With being on such a large scale, this development was separated into different flat types to produce an effective and clear design.  There were 36 different flat types in total which extended to the 13th floor of the building. Each individual flat was carefully adapted to suit the infrastructure and surrounding flats to reduce the amount of pipework needed to connect all the flats to the shared boosted riser (to keep the cost at a minimum). Ancillary spaces were required to have the residential fire sprinkler system extended for its coverage, as the building had a residential lounge that resided on the 13th floor. This decision was made by analyzing the fire load which was assessed through the buildings fire strategy.

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Berol Yard

Sprinklers Direct Limited,

Units 2 & 3 Millbank House,
Riverside Business Park,

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