Fire Sprinkler system Cost

Fire Sprinkler System Cost

What is the cost of a fire sprinkler system?

What is the Cost of a Fire Sprinkler System?

The cost of installing a fire sprinkler system to an average 3 bedroom family house is in the region of £3000-5000 for Mains Fed. An additional £2500-3000 for a Pump & Tank system. This price is based on a system typically including 10 – 20 sprinkler heads.

Calculating the cost of a fire sprinkler system?

We are often asked ‘what is the cost of a fire sprinkler system?’ As you can imagine there is no simple answer to this question as it depends on the size and shape of the property and the type of sprinkler delivery system that is required.

However so you can get an approximate idea of the cost of a sprinkler system in a specific property we have put together a short guide to costing a system.

How Many Sprinkler Heads Will I Need?

Firstly, we establish the number of sprinkler heads required to provide full coverage (partial coverage is a deviation from the standard and would require written authority from the AHJ). Each sprinkler head can cover a room size up to 4.9m x 4.9m without obstructions. Rooms over this size will require more as may ‘L’ shaped rooms and corridors. Any cupboards with a floor area over 2m2 will require coverage as will any bathrooms with a floor area over 5m2.

What Sprinkler Delivery Type Will I Need?

Once the number of heads is established we must establish the system delivery type. The most common types of fire sprinklers are Pump and Tank or Mains Fed. A mains fed option is not always possible as the flow and pressure requirements cannot be met. It may be required to have a 50mm or larger mains routed to the property to achieve the flow rates required.

Each system will be designed to a risk category, residential and domestic systems are split into risk categories see British Standards, this forms part of the calculation used to determine the supply duty. In turn this will affect the tanks size on pump and tank systems.

So What is the Total Cost of the Fire Sprinkler System?

In our experience the average cost per sprinkler head is £200 plus the pump and tank cost or control valve arrangement for the mains. This figure per head is based on a 2/3 bed new build. This price will reduce when scaled over larger projects with supplies from boosted water sources found in high rise residential blocks for instance. This price may also rise where there are only a few heads on a project.

Pump and tank costs will vary, however typically start from £2000 depending on the risk category and system duty.

Mains fed systems will require control valve arrangements and in some cases alarm panels, solenoid valves, sounders or interfaces. Price start from £300

These prices would all be subject to taxes where applicable and should only be used as a guide.

We could never attempt to list all the factors that may influence the cost of an installation. Some of the main factors that affect the cost of a fire sprinkler system include:

  • Is full coverage required? In some instances a partial system can satisfy the authorities while this may not reduce the cost associated with the water supply or storage it will reduce the size of the system and the number of sprinkler heads required.
  • Retro fit or new build? A system which is installed at the building stage when all ceiling voids are accessible will be much simpler and so cheaper than an existing building, especially if the building is occupied
  • Scheduling Flexibility if there is flexibility for example to carry out a first fix and also second fix at the same time then this can enable the team to work more efficiently and so reduce the cost of the project.
  • Water Supply costs Can the system be connected to the mains water supply and has the water supply been designed to cater for a sprinkler system.
  • Is a storage facility required? If the sprinkler system can not be connected to the mains then a water storage system is required, refereed to as a ‘pump and tank’. This may be located in the loft, the basement or the garage depending on space and feasibility. If the storage is in the basement and the sprinker is required to serve several floors then a larger capacity of pump will probably be required. All these variables affect the cost of the system.
  • Size shape and design of the the property all affect the number of sprinklers heads. This in turn alters the amount of work involved and so the cost of the installation of the system.

For the most accurate estimate please send building plans or arrange for a survey.

We hope that this guide will give you an approximate overview but it is no replacement for consulting an expert and getting an accurate quotation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to talk to an expert or arrange a survey to get a more accurate cost.


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Beudygwyn Farm, Anglesey

Client: Beudygwyn Farm, Anglesey

Risk Category: Cat 2, 2 head risk, 30 minutes run time
Number of heads: 19
System Type: Dedicated Pump & Tank

Beudygwyn Farm is located at the tip of Wales, the building was an existing agricultural store that had undergone full redesign and refurbishment to convert into 4no self-contained flats to house vulnerable young adults.


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