fire sprinkler service & Maintenance


Fire Sprinkler Service & Maintenance

Fire Sprinkler Service, Safety Checks and Maintenance

Domestic and residential fire sprinkler systems should be checked annually. The checks ensure the system will operate as designed and that nothing has changed that would prevent automatic operation. During the fire sprinkler service we would check for:

  • All heads and cover plates are clear from obstruction and decorative materials.
  • There are no signs of leaks or corrosion.
  • The water supplies function as designed. System pressures and flows.
  • The system is linked to an alarm system that operates when a flow test is conducted.
  • Nothing has changed to effect coverage of the sprinkler heads
  • The system is secured open and clearly labelled.

If any of these do not meet the criteria then it is advised that remedial works are completed as soon as is practical.

Sprinklers Direct are specialists in fire sprinkler design, installation and maintenance. Our experienced engineers carry a large inventory of spares and have extensive knowledge of sprinkler systems. This means that if the systems that we are checking fail or problems are discovered during routine maintenance then any repairs will be carried out promptly and effectively. It also means that our service is cost effective and efficient as we have a high first time fix rate on any problems encountered.


Sprinkler Case Study

Sprinkler Installation in Bin Store, Caterham, Surrey

Client: Bin Store, Caterham, Surrey

Risk Category: Cat 3, 1 head risk, 30 minute run time
Number of heads: 1
System Type: Mains Fed

This project was a 3 storey block of flats which requested sprinkler coverage to the bin store. The room is 4m x 3m only and can only be accessed from the outside of the building.


Fire Sprinkler Installation in Bin Store outside viewFire Sprinkler Instillation in Bin Store 2

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3 years ago

Well done Team ! #FIRAS #Firesprinklersystem

3 years ago

We recently finished installing 2 sprinkler systems at a fantastic, quiet property in Wales with a total of 16 sprinkler heads offering full coverage to the house. #Wales #firesprinklers #fireprotection

3 years ago

Sprinklers Direct Ltd have been selected to supply and fit a Sprinkler system at Bond House in Lewisham. A total of 606 Sprinkler heads will offer full coverage over 89 Flats. #London #firesprinklers


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