WaterMist System

Watermist Systems for Fire Suppression

Sprinklers Direct install Fire Sprinkler Systems to Domestic & Residential properties. Watermist systems are an alternative source of fire prevention which we do not install.


The major difference between sprinklers and mist systems is that a sprinkler system has standards for the components of the system and their design and installation, whereas, at the moment, water mist systems do not.

Watermist or Mist systems must be designed and tested to BS8458:2015. The British Standard for Mist systems is very clear that all systems should be tested in a laboratory setting by a 3rd party to ensure they are effective. Any mist system install should be able to prove the results of these tests, completed and passed, were as sprinklers are complaint from the initial design to the finish system with full flow test complete and certificates stating the compliance are produced at the end of the install.

Watermist systems release tiny droplets of water that can remove heat and oxygen from the fire, they vary in pressure and droplet size and because of this they perform differently in different applications. A water mist system is not suitable for larger areas; the mist droplets can be blown away by air conditioning or a breeze from open doors or window which reduces effectiveness. 

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