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Why Install a Fire Sprinkler?

Sprinklers Direct design, supply, install and maintain domestic and residential fire sprinkler systems to the latest applicable standard.

Whether new build projects, refurbishments or retro fits; Sprinklers direct can design and install the right fire sprinkler system to meet BS9251:2021

What we do:

Design Benefits of Fire Sprinklers

It is clear that fire sprinkles protect a property and can save lives, and this is a compelling reason for fitting them, however sprinklers also offer significant design benefits. Fitting fire sprinklers enables more open plan designs and reduces the need for fire doors and self closing doors. These design benefits can free up additional space in a building, increase the mobility of the occupants and make it a more pleasant environment to live in.

Some of the design benefits of sprinklers are:

  • Houses over 4.5m can be served by a single protected stair without the need for an alternative exit or the need for increased smoke detection
  • Guidance on fire service access can be increased, the maximum distance from the fire appliance to the building from 45m to 60m
  • Boundary distances for external fire spread can be halved
  • Self-closing doors are not required to bedroom doors in care homes
  • Care homes can increase the size of compartments or distance between doors

BS9991 includes trade-offs where fire suppression systems are installed. These include open plan flats and reduced requirements for lobbies. Although any design solution or trade-off will require a Fire Strategy.

Fire Sprinkler Types

There are 3 types of sprinkler delivery system, Mains Fed, Boosted Mains Fed and Pump and tank.

Mains Fed is a connection directly from the towns mains water supply. This must include back flow protections to prevent water from the sprinkler system re-entering the mains supply. Typically, a 32mm main will be the smallest pipe size that can be used for a risk category 1 system. Any Mains fed systems would need to be tested prior to installation to ensure sufficient flow and pressures available. Shared water supplies are possible but with additional requirements.

Boosted Mains Fed is a connection to a boosted water supply. Typically, in blocks of flats a tank of water will be pumped to guarantee pressure and flow of cold water services to the flats. This can be used for sprinkler supplies however specials measures must be in place to safeguard the sprinkler supplies and sometime prioritise them.

Pump and Tank supplies can be either solely for the sprinkler use or share the tank with other services. In shared use, there must be specific requirements met. Sprinkler tanks and pumps will be sized by the hydraulic calculations using the risk category run time and number of heads calculated. Tanks can vary from 1200L category 1 up to 9000L category 3. All tanks can have a reduced storage amount by using a proven infill from a mains backup.

Consultancy Service

Sprinkler Direct offer a comprehensive fire sprinkler consultancy service for companies or individuals looking to install residential sprinkler systems or for building design specifications, including:

  • Initial assessment (system selection, risk category)
  • Site surveys
  • Water supply testing
  • Design parameters
  • Installations (Practical)
  • BS9251 interpretation


Residential and domestic fire sprinklers use predominantly plastic based pipe and fittings either solvent welding or fusion welding, both systems are certified for use by the LPCB. Sprinklers Direct will select the best product for the installation or the material that is specified.


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Fire Sprinkler Installation Case Study

Sprinkler Installation in Bin Store, Caterham, Surrey

Client: Bin Store, Caterham, Surrey

Risk Category: Cat 3, 1 head risk, 30 minute run time
Number of heads: 1
System Type: Mains Fed

This project was a 3 storey block of flats which requested sprinkler coverage to the bin store. The room is 4m x 3m only and can only be accessed from the outside of the building.


Fire Sprinkler Installation in Bin Store outside viewFire Sprinkler Instillation in Bin Store 2

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Very efficient from start to finish. We required Sprinkler design and installation on our office to residential conversion. Becky and Jordan handled this in a very professional and competitive way. Thanks again to the team.

Matthew J.


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