The Cosmopolitan, Commercial Road, Poole


The Cosmopolitan, Commercial Road, Poole

Client: Harbourview Construction

The Brief

Risk Category: Cat 2 – Partial cover
Number of heads: 151
System Type: Shared Cold-Water Tank & Booster Set with Dedicated Sprinkler Riser

This project was a Category 2 system which included sprinkler cover to 58 flats, only those with open-plan layouts. The flats with entrance hall separating bedrooms from living/kitchens areas managed to negate the need for sprinkler protection by the fire risk strategy. We also extended protection into the duplex gym over Ground & First Floors. With sprinklers spanning over 5 of the levels, we used a 50mm dedicated sprinkler riser running the height of the building, reducing to a 42mm main spine in the corridors that required a number of elbows to connect through the unusual ‘C’ shape of the buildings floor plan. On the ground floor, our engineers had a last-minute change to the clients preferred riser position and had to reroute the main feed across the undercroft carpark ceiling taking care to drop below the mechanical and plumbing pipes which were already installed causing obstructions. We installed drain valves at the end of the corridor feeds to help fill and vent the system during construction, as well as being accessible behind access panels for future maintenance access points.

Multiple hydraulic calculations where drafted and ran to test the hydraulic pressure demands per floor and for the full riser, pre contract for our client at tender stage, to ensure delivery of our most competitive sprinkler package and reduction to our clients costs for the mechanical package of the stored water tank and pump selection.

The Cosmopolitan, Commercial Road, Poole

The Cosmopolitan, Commercial Road, Poole

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