Fire Sprinkler Installation and Maintenance Projects

Fire Sprinkler Projects

We have completed a wide range of fire sprinkler installation and maintenance projects throughout the country. Here are the details of a few of them to give you an overview of the type of work that we perform.

Shared Boosted Riser in Lewisham

Client: Bond House, Lewisham, London

Risk Category: Cat 2, 2 head risk, 30 minutes run time
Number of heads: 606
System Type: Shared Boosted Riser

This fire sprinkler installation in Lewisham related to 2 blocks of flats and maisonettes.


Shared Boosted Riser in Lewisham

Sprinkler Installation in Bin Store, Caterham, Surrey

Client: Bin Store, Caterham, Surrey

Risk Category: Cat 3, 1 head risk, 30 minute run time
Number of heads: 1
System Type: Mains Fed

This project was a 3 storey block of flats which requested sprinkler coverage to the bin store. The room is 4m x 3m only and can only be accessed from the outside of the building.


Fire Sprinkler Installation in Bin Store outside viewFire Sprinkler Instillation in Bin Store 2

Holiday Lodge, Bledfa, Wales

Client: Holiday Lodge, Bledfa, Wales

Risk Category: 1, 2 head risk, 10 minute run time
Number of heads: 7
System Type: Boosted Mains Fed

This fire sprinkler installation in Wales related to a new build 2 bed holiday lodge, complete with outdoor hot-tub and barbecue area, log burner and fitted kitchen. The client built this unit to add to their other properties used as holiday lettings.


Fire Sprinkler installation in WalesFire Sprinkler instillation in Wales 4Fire Sprinkler installation in Wale

Curio Hotel, Cambridge

Client: McAleer & McGarrity

Risk Category: CAT 3 – Apartments only cover
Number of heads: 433
System Type: Combined Pump & Tank with PDV and Dedicated Sprinkler Risers

The Fellows House, Curio Collection by Hilton Hotels is a high-end duplex hotel, offering 9 different apartment types throughout the building to accommodate a vast number of visitors with varied preferences. This development was an intricate design that required two separate sprinkler risers to provide full sprinkler protection to the 162 apartments...


The Cosmopolitan, Commercial Road, Poole

Client: Harbourview Construction

Risk Category: Cat 2 – Partial cover
Number of heads: 151
System Type: Shared Cold-Water Tank & Booster Set with Dedicated Sprinkler Riser

This project was a Category 2 system which included sprinkler cover to 58 flats, only those with open-plan layouts. The flats with entrance hall separating bedrooms from living/kitchens areas managed to negate the need for sprinkler protection by the fire risk strategy. We also extended protection into the duplex gym over Ground &...


The Cosmopolitan, Commercial Road, Poole

The Cosmopolitan, Commercial Road, Poole

Barn Conversion, Kent

Client: Barn Conversion, Kent

Risk Category: Cat 1, 2 head risk, 10 minutes
Number of heads: 40
System Type: Pump and Tank

The project consisted of converting a former storage barn to a single family home. The plans included an open plan entrance with stairs to a first floor balcony leading to the 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Under the balcony leads through to the living, kitchen and dining space, off which has a family snug, utility room and home office.


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