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Sprinklers Directs have been installing residential sprinkler systems throughout the UK for over 8 years, collectively we have over 100 years experience. We have worked on a wide range of projects from new builds to retro fits and refurbishments.

As experts all our residential sprinklers systems are designed to meet the latest British Standards (BS 9251). We work with architects, developers and mechanical consultants and liaise with local authority building control departments to design and instal the best residential sprinkler system for all our varied client’s requirements.

We have fitted residential sprinklers in hotels, schools, care homes, hostels, student accommodation, listed building etc. Below see some case studies describing some of our projects in a little more detail.

Altrincham Cat 1 sprinkler installation

Ashley House, Altrincham. Cat 1 sprinkler installation

Risk Category: Cat 1 – Flats only
Number of heads: 148
System Type: Mains Fed

This sprinkler system was designed to utilise a 50mm towns main supply brought into the ground floor undercroft carparking area. From the ground floor plant room,... Read more

London Residential Fire Sprinkler

Ashley Gardens 1A, Tottenham, London

Risk Category: Cat 2 flats, CAT 3 extended protection into ancillary spaces
Number of heads: 689
System Type: Shared Boosted Riser

The proposals of Ashley Gardens 1A was to deliver a significant qualitative improvement in the commercial space on the site;... Read more

Harrow Residential Fire Sprinkler

41-51 Lowland Road, Harrow

Harrow Residential Fire Sprinkler Case Study

Risk Category: Cat 2 – Flats only
Number of heads: 239
System Type: Combined Pump & Tank with PDV and Dedicated Sprinkler Riser

Lowlands Road in Harrow is a development which was the refurbishment, converting an... Read more

Chigwell Care Home

Risk Category: Cat3, 4 head risk, 30 minutes run time
Number of heads: 371
System Type: Shared Tank with Dedicated Sprinkler Booster Set and Riser

Located in the Epping Forest district of Essex this recently completed new build care home has... Read more

Beudygwyn Farm, Anglesey

Risk Category: Cat 2, 2 head risk, 30 minutes run time
Number of heads: 19
System Type: Dedicated Pump & Tank

Beudygwyn Farm is located at the tip of Wales, the building was an existing agricultural store that had undergone full... Read more

Home Sprinkler

Dedicated Pump & Tank, Birkenhead

Risk Category: Cat 1, partial cover, 2 head risk, 10 minutes run time
Number of heads: 23
System Type: Dedicated Pump & Tank

Holland House is a newly refurbished property with six self-contained suites and communal areas for supported living... Read more

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